For almost eight centuries, much of the Iberian Peninsula was dominated by Muslims in what is known as Al-Andalus. A territory in which there was an interest in knowledge. At the same time, it was an unprecedented cultural and religious exchange.

Those Andalusian scholars stood out in all branches of knowledge: Mathematics, Astronomy, Medicine, Literature, Agronomy, Music, or Architecture developed in what could be defined as a “Renaissance before the Renaissance”. Furthermore, we can affirm that, were it not for the Andalusians, many of the knowledge that existed in the Ancient World would surely have been lost forever.

In these 6 episodes, we will discover the incalculable legacy that the inhabitants of Al-Andalus have left us. A rich heritage of knowledge, know-how and customs, without which, life in Spain and Portugal would be completely different.

Available worldwide excluding: Latam, US Hispanic and Europe.


Running time
6 x 45' (1 season)

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