Valentín Sanjuan is an extremely peculiar and kind elite sportsman. This ‘Ironman’, ‘Ultraman’, and ‘Batman’ - as he likes to call himself - is used to facing the hardest sports challenges. He is an all-rounder. However, in ‘Impossible Sports’, he will be putting an enormous effort every single week in one of the most bizarre sports ever practised in Spain: chessboxing, Gaelic football, and underwater hockey, to name three. These are not very well known sports, but they have their own federations and are played by many fans. Valentí is facing each show as a true challenge: he is becoming acquainted, assessing, and finally, playing each one of the six sports while attempting to become good enough at each one of them. An impossible task? Well, it is worth a try...


 Available Territories: Worldwide except LATAM, US Hispanic, Spain, Italy, France and Portugal.

Running time
6 x 30'

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