Was the Spanish Civil War a rehearsal for World War II? Was it a laboratory for testing weapons and strategies? Was it used for training for a new and horrible way to make war? The Spanish Civil War was the first violent crystallisation of tensions in Europe as a product of the unhealed wounds of World War I and the eruption of communism and fascism. During the 900 days of this fratricidal war, new arms were practised with and others were converted. It introduced new combat tactics and confirmed the importance of raw materials, industry and scientific and technological progress.  The Spanish Civil War prefigured modern war as a total struggle where, besides army and weapons, propaganda and the role of the non-militant, civilian population were important.  The Spanish Civil War cannot be imagined without foreign intervention and lack of intervention. Both made the failed military coup of 18 July a prolonged battle that marked the destiny of the continent.


Available Territories: Worldwide except LATAM, US Hispanic and Europe

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6 x 45'

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