Miguel miraculously survives a car accident in which his mother dies. The car is so warped that everyone is surpised that Miguel escaped with his life.

On his first day of school, already in mid-semester, he meets a girl called Sofia. They both immediately feel a strong attraction for each other. It is something that goes beyond a simple love at first sight. When he first meets her, Miguel starts to develop exceptional powers which he had hidden deep inside. His awareness of things around him increases beyond human capacity.

Miguel and Sofia's destiny's are in fact fatally intertwined. Sofia is a vampire with a genetic gift that enables her to have direct contact with sunlight, something which makes another female vampire to be extremely jealous.

Will Miguel accept his mysterious powers and destroy the vampires? Or Will Sofia join forces with Miguel and then sacrifice herself for the greater good?

Running time
6 x 50'

Production Data

Director: Antonio Borges Correia
Actors: Jorge Corrula, Pedro Barroso, Catarina Wallenstein