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Onza Distribution is an international audio-visual content distributor, as well as a leading content producer. It has become one of the largest distributors in Spain that offers a one of a kind service with a content portfolio that includes telenovelas, series, documentaries, as well as fiction and entertainment formats, reaching more than 120 countries.

Created to elevate the distribution industry through access to our international sales team and extensive relationship network. Onza is the meeting point of quality content, enthusiasm and willingness to serve our clients the best as possible.

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A multidisciplinary team, highly experienced in the negotiation, sales and management of the distribution business on an international level.
Dedication, efficiency, and transparency, are the attributes that best define our philosophy and the people that are part of Onza Distribution. We are a team of highly experienced professionals in the distribution sector, with great enthusiasm and willingness to serve our clients as best as possible.

Onza Distribution

Our Team

Carlos Carde

Managing Director

Carlos Garde

USA & Latin America


Head of Sales

Béatrice Nouh

Europe, CIS & Baltics, Canada


Sales Manager

Erika Gómez

Asia, Turkey, Middle East & Africa, Inflight, Educational

Clara Meneses

Sales Assistant

Clara Meneses

Carlos Rodríguez

Legal & Business Affairs

Carlos Rodríguez


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