Rogerio Natal is a ruthless and successful businessman who climbed his way up by pushing a lot of people down. He's a womanizer, always worried about his own image, but lately is feeling out of shape due to his Parkinson’s disease. In order not to suffer the degradation of his health and body, Rogério Natal, decides to take his own life but all his attempts are botched one way or another, until he realizes that it’s his “Guardian Angel” who has been stopping him from killing himself, for he cannot leave this earth until he fixes a lot of the bad he has done. The Angel has a list of people whose lives Rogério will have to improve before he can rest in peace.

Running time
5 x 60'
Comedy, Drama

Production Data

Director: Artur Ribeiro
Actors: António Capelo, Sónia Brazão, Miguel Guilherme
Broadcasted also in: Portugal