2077, 10 Seconds to the future

Science and Technology
Running time:
4 x 55'
Broadcasted also in:
English, Portugués
Produced by:
RTP, Panavideo
Distributed by:
Onza Distribution


Ready for the impact? 10"And the future is... . NOW!


We went looking for the Future. We projected ourselves in 60 years’ time to find out how we are going to live in 2077. Where will we be? With what resources are we going to live? Which technologies are we going to use? How are we going to respond to our concerns? What sort of humankind do we want to be? Where do we want to go, and how? Which consequences are ouracts today going to have in the future? These are some of the questions addressed in this fascinating,4-episode journey between the future, the present and the past. We met influential personalities in global society andlaunched this challenge: how do you depict the world in 60 years, in a wide variety of areas? Natural resources, power, transportation, space, climatic change, economic development, politics, war, society, health and food, artificial intelligence, values, art and culture are some of the topics approached in this documentary series.

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