From the cosmopolitan New York to a small village in the Alentejo, this telenovela revisits the Portugal of the 80s and its relationship with the rest of the world.

Angel of mine tells the story of the wealthy family Rebelo da Cunha. They lost their powerful empire during the Carnation Revolution on 1974, April 25. The father’s family arrest warrant is imminent, so they plan to escape as soon as they can. But just before they leave they find wife’s dead body.

In Vila do Anjo we will relive the 80s through stories that intersect between characters who love, hate, dream, win or live dramas and disappointments. From love triangles to political ambition and the eternal pursuit of happiness, families will fight for their homes, emigrants will return to their homeland and the ghosts of the past will add to the mysteries that the village and its inhabitants hide.

Running time
341 x 50' (1 season)

Production Data

Actors: Rita Pereira, José Carlos Pereira