A passionate story of mystery, love, and self-improvement, settled in the 50's postwar in Galicia.

Dalia arrives at Precedo, a small Galician town, to find out if the sudden death of her mother was a twist of destiny. With her sewing machine as sole inheritance and the suspicion that her family history hides more than one secret, she establishes herself in the village, with the firm conviction of finding the truth of what happened. 

A story where intrigue and love go hand in hand; ¨Dalia, The Seamstress¨, a mini-series of four chapters based on the book written by Eligio Montero, the author of other series such as “Bajo sospecha” o “Gran Hotel”. Dalia was acclaimed by the critics and the public and was the leader of the regional audiences.

Running time
4 x 70'

Production Data

Available territories: Worldwide