"Sweet Strawberries" has been the biggest phenomenon of Portuguese television over the last few years, this soap opera presents a different and innovative concept in face of what is done on television, even assuming itself as a reference within Portuguese society. More than a soap opera, "Sweet Strawberreis" is already a Brand and a lifestyle.

"Sweet Strawberries" follows the reality of yougsters in all of its aspects: their day-to-day, their environments, in school, with friends or family, their problems, dating or sexuality. The clothes, the music, sports, hobbies and the actual sets closely follow the trends of current fashion and generational interests. The soap actually defines new trends that are trasposed to the real world.

The soap also have as a goal, the transmission of codes of conduct and reference values, assuming a didactic role in the education of youngsters.


Running time
1807 x 50' (13 seasons)

Production Data