The Only Woman

Running time:
190 x 60'
Available territories:
Broadcasted by:
Canal 13 (Chile), Monte Carlo TV, Telefuturo, TVi
Broadcasted also in:
Option in:
AFRICA, France
Aspect ratio:
¨Best Telenovela of the Year¨ and ¨Best new artist¨ on the Awards of Television TV7Dias in Portugal

English, French, Portugués, Spanish
Produced by:
Distributed by:
Onza Distribution


It always seems imposible until it´s done


The collapse of a great national bank triggers the clash of two realities. And the conflict between two families.

 Luís Miguel is a young engineer who seeks to build a career in Angola. He leaves behind a traditional and conservative family, one that has been affected by the crisis. His father owns a construction firm in Portugal which is at risk of filing for bankruptcy and his mother expects to make money from a broken marriage.

 Luís Miguel meets Mara in Angola, the nurse who saves him from near death. The girl’s father is an Angolan businessman who has significant investments in Portugal and he is also the construction firm’s number one client. He holds the company’s fate in his hands but he bears a deep grudge against the Portuguese, since his father was murdered by one during the Colonial war. The legacy of this past and his current interests turn a corporate dispute into a clash of two worlds.

 Yet nothing can survive the revenge of one woman. Luena is the daughter of two returnees who lost everything when Angola gained its independence. She wants to get the estate back for her family above all else. Including above herself.


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  • Episode 1 Season 1 (English Subt)
  • Episode 2 Season 1 (English Subt)
  • EPISODE 60 Season 1 (English Subt)
  • EPISODE 99 Season 1 (English Subt)
  • Ep 1 Season 1 (English Version)
  • Ep 1 Une femme unique Season 1 (French Version)
  • Ep. 10 Season 2 (English subt.)
  • Ep. 01 Season 2 (English subt.)
  • Ep. 39 Season 2 (English subt.)
  • Ep 2 Une femme unique Season 1 (French Version)
  • Trailer season 2
  • Episode 1 Season 3 (English subtitles)
  • Trailer season 3
  • Ep 3 Une femme unique Season 1 (French version)
  • Ep 80 english version 26´
  • Ep 90 english version 26´
  • Episode 190 English subtitles (First season)