A plane goes missing mysteriously, taking with it Veronica´s twin sister, the victim of a millionaire’s scam. Since her sister is presumed dead, Verónica assumes her identity and swears revenge on the businessman’s family. Her main opponent is his wife, Diana. Jaime, Verónica’s nephew, is in the middle of this war. He suffers from cancer and needs to be saved. Also amid this turmoil is Rodrigo, Diana´s great love in the past, but who the two rivals are fighting for in the present.

Based on a true story, this show addresses pertinent aspects of our society, hightlighting the permanent struggle between the people who love to be in power and the people who have the power to love.

Running time
113 x 50' (1 season)

Production Data

Director: Carlos Dante, Jorge Queiroga, Attílio Riccó, Joel Monteiro, Tiago Marques
Actors: Diogo Amaral, Dalila Carmo, Diogo Infante, Fernanda Serrano, Pedro Teixeira, Rita Salema, Mikaela Lupu, Maria Leite, Fernando Pires, Maria do Céu Guerra, Ery Costa, Gonçalo Cabral, Madalena Brandão, Maria Booth, Gracindo Dias
Broadcasted also in: Portugal