This  HD series uncovers the astonishing similarities and the sharp differences between two of the Earth’s richest meeting points between continents: the natural bridges where very different animal populations intermingle in their eternal quest for survival.


These geographical bridges between huge land masses create unique places where the flora and fauna of two continents intermingle. A narrow strip of land connecting the continents of the Americas becomes an authentic Noah´s Ark displaying a large variety of species. They all come from the North and the South in pursue of a new home: Central America - a geological newcomer, compared to the age of the northern and southern land masses.


Africa and Europe are separated by the narrowest water strait at Gibraltar, the borderland of the Iberian Penisula. This region features the richest biodiversity in Europe, with its umbilical cord to the African continent.


Through the series, we will encounter species at their best: everything from intimate situations, to predation and action scenes. Spectacular blue chip filming provides evidence on the field while graphics will help us understand the geological process that shaped these two areas of our planet, and how species colonized them.


Four episodes will take us into the vast life exuberance of these unique places on Earth. A series that conclusively proves that diversity blooms whenever it is given a chance to fight.

Running time
6 x 52'
Environment, Wildlife

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Available territories: Worldwide