Zé is a young and independent woman, possessing a wild beauty that she does not acknowledge. Zé never thought she would fall for any man, so she is suprised when she starts having feelings for someone who is her opposite: Rafael, an attractive and slightly vain young man, the son of her boss, Joaquin figueira, who took care of Zé and her adoptive mother almost two decades ago in Uruguay. At first, neither Zé nor Rafael will admit the attraction they feel for each other. Rafael is charmed by Zé, but it's a conflicting feeling since he's engaged to be married. Zé, staying true to her independece and rebelliousness, keeps her distance, and attitude she vows to uphold, resorting to the use of a rifle if necessary.

Running time
267 x 50' (1 season)

Production Data

Director: Antonio Borges Correia
Actors: Vera Kolodzig, João Catarré, Mariana Monteiro, Diogo Amaral