'Young addictions' is a documentary series that shows the causes and consequences of the most common drugs among teenagers: non-substance addictions consumed through the screens of their cellphones like social media, porn and online gaming. The series tells the story of three young people: Laura, a teenager who enters a rehabilitation center to detoxify from her addiction to Tik Tok. Bru, a boy who began compulsively consuming pornography at the age of 10, and Daniel, a young man who has lost more than 100,000 euros on online gambling. With the help of experts in the field, the series goes inside the business behind these addictions. How technology giants create devices designed specifically to generate addicts?  Are these companies actively targeting minors?  The series gathers the testimony of prestigious psychiatrists and international experts who will give the keys to deal with these addictions. 

Running time
3 x 45' (1 season)
Current Affairs, Current Affairs, Interviews, Investigation, Science and Technology

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