Alfredo Castro wins Platino Award for his performance in ‘Allende The Thousand Days’

22 April, 2024

Alfredo Castro wins Platino Award for his performance in ‘Allende The Thousand Days’

Alfredo Castro wins the Platino Award for his role as Salvador Allende in ‘Allende The Thousand Days’. This turns out to be his fourth Platino Award in his career, after his remarkable performances in ‘Los perros’ (2018), ‘The Prince’ (2021) or ‘Karnawal’ (2022). Winners at the Platino Awards were announced at the gala hosted on Saturday, April 20, 2024, in Riviera Maya.

Alfredo Castro gana Platino

“We are very excited about this well-deserved recognition to Alfredo Castro for his role as Allende in ‘Allende The Thousand Days’. He brings to life this relevant political figure in the 20th century History.” – adds Béatrice Nouh, Head of Sales at Onza Distribution. “We are confident that this prestigious award will allow us to continue adding international windows for this miniseries, after being launched in Chile, Spain, France and soon Belgium.  We are currently negotiating other territories as well.”

The series, which also received three nominations for Best Ibero-Alfredo Castro gana PlatinoAmerican Miniseries, Best Female Performance in a Miniseries for Aline Küppenheimer and Best Male Performance in a Miniseries, won in the former category against the likes of Javier Cámara (‘Rapa’, S2), Gustavo Bassani (‘Iosi, the Regretful Spy’, S2) or Santiago Korovsky (‘Community Squad’).

Allende The Thousand Days’ is a series of the Chilean production company Parox, who already received the award for Best Miniseries at the Prix Europa Awards for ‘Invisible Heroes’ in 2019, in association with Mediterráneo Media (Spain) and Aleph (Argentina). The series premiered in September 2023 in Chile and was screened that same month at an exclusive event held at the San Sebastian Festival. It has been recently launched via Spain’s RTVE, and on the French channel OCS by the end of March 2024.

The miniseries recollects the last three years of the life of former Chilean president Salvador Allende, through the eyes of Manuel Ruiz (Pablo Capuz), a young Spaniard politician who witnesses the escalation of tension until Pinochet’s coup in 1973.

This new win of ‘Allende The Thousand Days’ and its pre-selection at the International Emmy Awards adds to Onza Distribution’s track record, which includes the International Emmy Award for Best Telenovela in 2018 for ‘Payback’ or the most recent International Emmy nominations for ‘Forever’ in 2023, or ‘On Thin Ice’ in 2020. Other recognitions also include two Venice TV awards for ‘Forever’ in 2023 and ‘Life Is A Party’ in 2022, and the nomination in the Sports category for ‘Real Madrid: The White Legend’ in 2023. ‘Motel Valkirias’ also received recently the Silver Medal at the drama category granted by New York Festivals 2024.

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