Abraham Levy is a Mexican adventurer who left behind his monotonous normal life to explore nature and take challenges that were impossible for others. Pursuing his childhood dream, he decides to cross the second largest ocean of the world, the Atlantic Ocean, aboard a rowboat called Cascarita on his own, unassisted and only with the help of his arms.
The crossing forces him to prepare very hard both physically and mentally for months but fortunately, he has a great support team to help him from land in Spain and Mexico.
Abraham sets sail from Huelva, from the place where Christopher Columbus started his first journey to the Americas. He reaches Cancun 5 months later after having rowed 9000 km. Through his strong will, he has proved that even the craziest dreams can come true Rowing is your chance to travel with Abraham across the vast ocean on an adventure of our times!

Running time
1x52' / 91'
Sport, Travel & Adventure

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Broadcasted also in: Spain