Onza Distribution adds acclaimed series “Flowers Over The Inferno” to its catalogue

09 October, 2023

Onza Distribution adds acclaimed series “Flowers Over The Inferno” to its catalogue

Onza Distribution recently added to its catalogue acclaimed TV adaptation ‘Flowers Over the Inferno’ (Fiori sopra l’inferno), an Italian series inspired by the best-seller written by Ilaria Tuti. ‘Flowers Over the Inferno’ (6×50′) premiered last February in prime time on the Italian public channel Rai 1. The series followed critical and public acclaim, registering in its first emissions 4 million viewers per episode average and 25.5% of share.

‘This series follow an intriguing police investigation with a bit of a Nordic noir touch, and it’s the adaptation of a best-seller, with a second season coming on October 2024 and potentially for more seasons adapting the other books of the series by Ilaria Tuti’, comments Béatrice Nouh, Head of Sales at Onza Distribution.

‘Flowers Over the Inferno’ is an original production by Publispei, the production company behind hits as ‘I Cesaroni’ and ‘Medico di famiglia’. This new thriller compiles powerhouse Carlo Carlei as its director (‘The Last Legion’), and the immense talent of Elena Sofia Ricci, Gianluca Gobbi and Giuseppe Spata among the cast.

Criminologist Teresa Battaglia (Elena Sofia Ricci) and her investigation team, recently joined by young inspector Massimo Marini (Giuseppe Spata) are after a serial killer who’s threating the lives of villagers in a small mountain town in Italy. His motives are fueled by his eager defense of abused and abandoned children by their caregivers. As intelligent and skilled as the profiler is, Teresa will have to endure the first symptoms of the Alzheimer’s she is suffering from, as she chases this criminal who threatens to take away everything she has – her intuition, her wit and her memories.

‘Teresa Battaglia is a strong character facing the biggest personal challenge of her life, struggling against the news of her Alzheimer diagnostic, while she keeps investigating murders. She´s brilliant, but for how long? This big question makes the series unique,’ adds Nouh about the series. ‘Flowers over the inferno is an amazing addition to our distribution slate, one more example that Southern Europe is a land of talent and creativity, and we are sure that this series can travel really well’.

Onza Distribution is launching a promising series in the international distribution market. This new addition will be showcased at MIPCOM this October, alongside many other successful fiction series, such as ‘Allende, The Thousand Days’, which honors the 50th anniversary of the Chilean president’s death, and ‘Sweet Strawberries‘, TVI’s new young adult thriller.

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