Onza Distribution announces new sales in Central and Eastern Europe

10 June, 2024

Onza Distribution announces new sales in Central and Eastern Europe

Onza Distribution has sold several telenovela and fiction titles in itsCacao catalog in key territories in Central and Eastern Europe: Onza Distribution’s telenovelas ‘Forever’ and ‘Unlimited Love’ will travel to Serbia for the first time, whereas ‘Payback’ will renew its presence in Serbia, and ‘Cacao’ will have its premiere in Lithuania. On the other hand, TV fiction series ‘Motel Valkirias’, ‘Parot’, ‘Little Coincidences’ and ‘Flowers Over The Inferno’ will soon be available in Romania.

The international sales agency thus strengthens its presence in these regions. In addition to this, Onza Distribution is attending NEM Dubrovnik and NATPE Budapest markets, where it will seal new deals in these territories.

CEE Markets TVIOnza Distribution started very well the 2024’s sales cycle, with ‘Cacao’ leading the way. Since its premiere last January on TVI in Portugal, and after being #1 prime time in Portugal ever since, the telenovela has already been acquired in Spain, CIS and Baltics, while important deals are still in negotiation in several other countries. ‘Forever’, ‘Payback’ and ‘Unlimited Love’ keeps engaging audiences all over the world, after being seen in the Balkans, LATAM or the US. Onza’s telenovelas has also amassed big success in awards, such as the International Emmys, which granted the Best Telenovela to ‘Payback’ in 2018 and a nomination for ‘Forever’ in 2023.

CEE Markets 2

Onza’s original productions, such as ‘Parot’ and ‘Little Coincidences’ keep travelling to CIS, Eastern Europe or France. In Spain, ‘Parot’ has managed to hit again the #8 spot on Amazon Prime Video’s ranking of most-watched TV shows 3 years after its premiere. Along with these titles, Onza Distribution will present to the CEE and Balkan markets the main novelties of its catalog, such as ‘Heartless’, which premiered last April on the #2 ranking in Prime Video Spain, the Czech period drama ‘Golden Swan’, and new seasons of Italian hit series ‘Flowers Over The Inferno’ and of ‘Sweet Strawberries’.

Regarding ‘Motel Valkirias’, produced by CTV in association with SPi, its sale to the Antena group in Romania comes shortly

Motel Valkirias Serie

after the news of its silver medal in the Drama category at the New York Festivals. The Galician-Portuguese series has already been broadcast through HBO Spain and Portugal, the Portuguese public channel RTP, Galicia’s TVG or through the main channels of the Brazilian group Globosat.


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