Onza Distribution sells “Payback” to Uruguayan Channel 4

20 February, 2023

Onza Distribution sells “Payback” to Uruguayan Channel 4


Onza Distribution confirms the sale of Payback, International Emmy winner, to Channel 4, Uruguay. During its first broadcast month, the telenovela boasts an average of 41% share.

Onza Distribution has announced some of its most recent sales, including telenovela Payback, to Channel 4, Uruguay. The Uruguayan channel recently premiered this TVI production with excellent audience numbers.

Payback Onza DistributionPayback (Ouro Verde) is the story of Ze, played by renowned actor Diogo Morgado, returns home, after being missing for years, with a false identity and a single goal: to avenge the death of his family. His plans get complicated when he meets Beatriz (Joana de Verona), his first love and the daughter of the person who murdered his family.

Payback, winner of International Emmy for Telenovela, premiered on Uruguayan Channel 4 December 26th 2022 with considerable viewing figures, reaching an average share of 41% during its first broadcast month.

“We are very satisfied with the reception Payback is receiving. It’s a great telenovela that has surprised audiences with both great production values and a story that is captivating right from the start,” reports Mariano Mosca, Channel 4 Head of Marketing and Content Strategy. “Since premiering in December, it has had great results on the channel. We are very happy to have opted for this production from TVI and Onza, as it shows that Portuguese telenovelas can excite our audience the same way a Turkish telenovela can – or even more so”.

This is one of the telenovelas in Onza’s Distribution catalog, available in neutral Spanish, alongside other TVI productions such as The Gipsy Heiress, The Pretender and Unlimited Love.

Carlos Carde“The excellent reception in Uruguay by a telenovela like Payback reaffirms how important the Latin American market is for us,” adds Carlos Garde, Onza General Manager. “Payback had been released with great success in Latin America, in Brazil on channels like Bandeirantes and on platforms like Globoplay. Before that, it had traveled not only to European countries like Poland and France, but to more complicated territories such as the Middle East (UAE, Lebanon, etc.). We have also sold it to African countries such as Algeria, Morocco and Angola, and even Asian countries like China. It’s clear that Portuguese telenovelas have universal characteristics that allow them to travel easily and interest a large number of viewers from all continents and cultures”.

A few weeks ago, during Content Americas, the Spanish distributor demonstrated its continuing faith in a varied catalog that can reach customers anywhere in the world by announcing the addition of new productions, including documentary series Osel (4×50′) and Christmas romantic comedy Christmas Eve (1×80′).

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