Onza Distribution sells the successful series “Crimes” to ZDF

05 July, 2023

Onza Distribution sells the successful series “Crimes” to ZDF


Onza Distribution confirms the sale of Crimes, Spain’s most successful true crime series, to the German television network ZDF. Crimes spans three seasons with a total of 36 episodes. The latest season premiered this year, garnering massive viewership ratings.

Just a year ago, Onza Distribution announced that Crimes, already considered the most successful true crime series in Spain, was joining their catalog to make its leap into the international market after its triumphant run on TV3 and Movistar. Now, the distributor announces the sale of the series, created by Carles Porta and produced by Goroka and True Crime Factory, to the German television channel ZDF.

“We look forward to presenting this series to the German audience on TV and also in our media library. The high-quality design and the insight into investigative activities in Spain and Catalonia complement ZDFinfo’s true crime portfolio,” commented representatives from the network.

The latest season of the series, premiered on TV3 this year, has broken all historical audience records, with a 30.9% share in its first episode and over a million viewers, with more than 35% of them being a young audience.

“The great success that Crimes has achieved in Spain since the airing of its first episode has attracted the attention of many international buyers,” comments Carlos Garde, General Manager of Onza. “It is a true crime series that has succeeded due to its high production quality and the public’s interest in these stories. We have witnessed that it is an addictive show that captivates the viewer and keeps them on edge until the very end.”

This true crime series covers over 40 real crimes from the past 10 years, and unlike other series in the same genre, it doesn’t feature experts discussing the crimes. Instead, it is the actual protagonists who narrate their involvement in the events, either because they experienced them firsthand or investigated them. Thus, Crimes aims to shed light on the darkness through the direct or indirect testimonies of those who lived through each of these stories.

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